Emergency Dentistry

In a dental emergency, every second matters. That’s why we do our best to prioritize emergency care and deliver fast, effective treatment that can be the difference between saving and losing teeth.

Broken and cracked tooth

Our dentists can help fix tooth pain, cracked teeth, broken fillings, swelling, and other dental emergencies for patients in Toronto and North York

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other Dental services



Transform your smile with Invisalign. Affordable Payment Options.

$3,999 Invisalign® package includes:

• Free Invisalign Consultation

• Free Teeth Whitening

• Free electric toothbrush

• Free consultation


Smile Makeover

Ready to upgrade your look? Want to feel like a celebrity, even if you aren’t one? A customized smile makeover from Dore Dental in Toronto will turn mediocre, broken-down, less-than-perfect teeth into flawless, stunning smiles that will make you look like a superstar.


Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleanings are so much more than just the dental hygienist removing six months of build-up on your tooth enamel. These critical dental visits involve multiple important levels of preventive dental care

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